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Rookie + Old Man

At first I want to tell you that this is my first blog. I signed up yesterday, with the feeling I could write some interesting stories. You only have to know two things about me, first: I’m dutch (so don’t be to hard on me in spelling), and secondly: I’m a huge Red Sox fan.

I’m going to tell a bit about Mike Timlin. He, ofcourse, isn’t with the Red Sox anymore. He’s 43 years old now and he can’t throw as good as he used to throw. His lightning fastball is gone with the wind. The last couple of years his ERA went up and so did his age.

He hasn’t signed with a team yet and I think it’s better for him to retire. He would have a honourfull goodbye instead of a couple bad years so no one could remenber the great Mike Timlin. These are my words to Timlin: You helped us great old man, I only have to say 2 years: 2004, 2007. You’ve won 3 championships (one with the Blue Jays) now, more than the most people can say. So enjoy your retirement and be with your wife and kids.